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Best Ways to Style The Midi Pleated Skirt

by Angelica Lentoni
Best Ways to Style The Midi Pleated Skirt

Hello, beauties! Midi pleated skirts have become very popular and trendy fashion pieces. Just like any fashion outfit, the trends around the skirt have changed so much. Over the years, fashion has seen many different styles and types of skirts, each unique and beautiful in its own way. Today, the most popular type of skirt is the midi pleated skirt.

The popularity and the dominance that the miniskirts hold is inarguable, however, it is not always the proper type depending on the occasion. The midi skirt, on the other hand, is a piece that is suitable for almost all occasions. For a long time, the pleats were considered a retro and boring choice. This was especially dominant when the fashion market was booming with the trend of baloney skirts. But, shifting towards more sleek and sophisticated styles and outfits, the midi pleated skirt came as an excellent solution. That is why there is simply no fashion brand or a collection that does not include at least two different types of midi pleated skirts in their offer.

Best Ways to Style The Midi Pleated Skirt


So what is the thing that makes the pleated midi skirt so interesting and popular?

As you might already know, the best types of midi skirts are those that are made of silk or faux leather. The silk is a very comfortable and soft fabric, which delivers an impeccable shiny finish, and makes each piece, and with that, the midi skirt looks elegant and regal too. The soft shiny finish alongside the long pleats and the midi length of the skirt, create a fashion garment that is everything but ordinary. The latest fashion trends, especially the winter ones, put the mini pleated skirt into a leathery option. As the leather continues to be a fabric that is constantly present among the fashion trends, it was sort of expected that the midi pleated skirt will get a leathery version. Soft, also shiny and available in many different colors, all kinds of leather are available and look good on the pleated midi skirts.

Owning a nice midi pleated skirt is not enough if you do not know how to style it best. Since it is a piece that can be worn through the entire year, here are some of the best styling suggestions that you can try out:

With a Long-Sleeved Shirt and High Heels

This is one of the looks that play just on the line between the elegant and the semi-formal. The midi pleated skirts usually come with a medium-high waist, which allows the tops to be tucked inside the skirt. The long-sleeved shirts are usually worn tucked inside, making this combo truly interesting and fashionable. This styling choice is great for those who want to add a fashionable and trendy vibe to their outfits and are bored of the regular skirts. The midi pleated skirt, in this outfit, looks best when paired with high heels, preferably pointy-toe stilettos.

With an Over-Sized Sweater and Snealers

This is a combination that you will see a lot around your Instagram feed. Inspired by the changing fashion trends, and the idea that fashion is versatile and offers lots of different options, this is the outfit that is a perfect mixture between the sporty and the elegant. The over-sized and voluminous sweaters look very trendy and interesting when paired with the elegant midi pleated skirt. The contrast of the fabrics, as well as the type of the garments themselves, creates an outfit that comes close to the most unique street style looks. And pairing it with comfortable and attractive sneakers only adds to the uniqueness and modernity of the look.

Best Ways to Style The Midi Pleated Skirt


With Leather Jacket and Boots

The pleated midi skirts give an elongating effect on the lower part of the body, and with that, leaves an option and possibility to style the top with something shorter. For the colder days, the pleated midi skirt will look great with a short leather jacket. Again, the contrast between these two pieces wonderfully complements the figure and delivers a look that is absolutely stunning and trendy. The leather jacket and the rolled-up sleeves carry the rock style, while the pleated midi skirt holds to the elegance and uniqueness. To add to this modern and stylish look, the heeled ankle boots are just the finishing touch you need. The entire contrast and the balance that the outfit carries will result in a day and night outfit choice.

Best Ways to Style The Midi Pleated Skirt


Short-Sleeved T-Shirt and Flats

The combination of a short-sleeved T-shirt and flats is a common and popular choice among many girls and women who are looking for a relaxed, yet stylish look. The short-sleeved T-shirt carries a tone of sports style and it an inevitable part of every woman's closet. The abundance of color and prints make this type of shirt very easy to style, and the midi pleated skirt is a pair that delivers a cool look. Just like the long-sleeved shirts, the T-shirt can also be worn tucked inside the skirt. As for the footwear, stylish flats are the choice that never goes out of style. Whether they are loafers, mules, ballerina flats, or sandals, all of them will style excellent with the midi pleated skirt and the T-shirt.

Best Ways to Style The Midi Pleated Skirt


These are just some of the most common and best ways of styling midi pleated skirts. This colorful and interesting piece, with the proper accessories and footwear, can turn the outfit into extra elegant or an extra casual one. The true beauty of the midi pleated skirt comes from its length and the timeless pleats that are more than enough detail for achieving a fabulous, modern and trendy outfit.

Xo - Angelica

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