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Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021

by Angelica Lentoni
Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021

Hello, beauties! While most of 2020 was spent in loungewear and pajamas, 2021 is looking much brighter, with a hope that we will all get the chance to get back out there and flaunt the best possible fashion outfits and styles. With that being said, the 2021 fashion trends were mainly focused on combining the comfortable with fashion. Leaving a dose of comfortability in the garments, just a precaution to the unknown situation, the new trends were truly dictated by the happenings around the world.

To keep up with the well-known style of presenting the trends, the fashion industry worked to ensure that the trends will not be overshadowed by what comes next. The new trends include some of the already well-established and known styles, and some new ones, which creates a perfect balance between the elegant, trendy, chic, and street style.

Here are the biggest fashion trends for 2021 that are expected to be seen all around the world this year:

Puff Sleeves

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


As they returned to the fashion scene a few seasons, back, the puff sleeves became so popular that fashionistas did not want to return to the regular sleeves. Their popularity and dominance are still so big, that they continue to be strong this entire year too. What is beautiful and unique about the puff sleeves is that they look good and extraordinary in all different kinds of tops. From seasonal tops to outerwear, the puff sleeves are an excellent way to add some style and elegance to the outfits. They also bring back the retro vibe, with a new, polished look. This is a pretty easy trend to incorporate into the wardrobe and everyone can style it.

Baseball Caps

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


That there is a tight connection to the modern fashion trends, elegance, and the street style, the new trend of baseball caps is the best representation of that. Formerly known as associated with the hip hop style, the baseball caps have become the new trend for 2021, an accessory that cannot be missed in your next outing. Even the most famous luxury brands and houses have set the baseball cap as the must-have accessory for 2021. The new shine of this retro accessory comes in many different colors prints and patterns, making it great as an all-season accessory.

Knits and Nets

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


This is an interesting new entry on the fashion scene for 2021, combining the knit and the netting. The knit is a very comfortable and interesting choice for adding something different to the outfits and the looks. The knit comes in so many different colors, patterns, and options, but the most interesting is the combination of the knit with the net. This is a bit more daring combo, perfect for the warmer days, where the net of the knit allows the possibility of revealing your underwear, or even beachwear.


Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


The headscarves are making a huge comeback and domination in the accessories department with the inspiration directly linked to the fifties and the sixties. The scarves have been a signature look a chic, equestrian-inspired look, and the headscarves are taking up the high position among the trends as a sleek and fabulous addition to an outfit. They are a perfect way to add some polished finishing touch to any outfit without overdoing it. The headscarf is a classic go-to item, and the vintage-looking ones are totally in. The best choice is the silky scarves with floral motifs or intricate patterns. For those who are looking for a more upgraded look, the choice can always fall on bold color and block letters.

Slouchy Denim

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


Although skinny jeans are one of the must-have pieces for every woman, this year, the skinny jeans are being changed and switched with slouchy denim pieces. Getting the inspiration of the entire 2020, and the comfortability of the clothes above all, the denim now comes in slouchy and baggy looks. The loose-fitting jeans and the jumpsuits are set to be very big this year. They will give a more stylish edge without losing the comfort of the cozy garments.

Flower Print

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


The flower print is one of the prints that never go out of style. Although it is always present on the fashion scene, this year, the flower prints will be a dominant and the trendiest choice for those who are willing to add some colorfulness and fresh look to their outfits. The new 2021 introduces the flowers in a bolder and stronger version. The more eye-catching, big, and dense they are, the trendier the look. Also, a very suggested trendy look is styling the floral print in a head-to-toe outfit.

Bold Shoulders

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


If you are looking to make a statement with your outfit this 2021, then the bold shoulders trend is just the thing that will get you there. The bold shoulders come just in time for implementing them as a part of an outerwear piece or some interesting blazer that will turn heads. The bold shoulders are the perfect balance between the hard and the soft. The new fashion trends put the sharp shoulders with pointy and sharp edges, bringing a bit of a Gothic vibe.

Seaside Details

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2021


Although the summer might be far away from now, it is never too early to get prepared and ready for the hot days. And there is no better way to do that than flaunting the latest trend – seaside details. The nautical themes have always been an inspiration for fashion designers, but now, they come in all different kinds of seaside shaped details and embellishments, sewed in on the garments and accessories.

Overall, the new 2021 fashion trends bring so much diversity and difference, which is a great option for everyone to find something according to their taste. With the perfect combination of comfortability and modernity, the new 2021 fashion trends are stylish, easy to flaunt and incorporate in the new outfits, and great for the entire season.

Xo - Angelica

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