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How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit

by Angelica Lentoni
How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit

Hello, beauties! We have all found ourselves in a situation, scrolling through our Instagram feed or seeing some woman on the street, looking like she has just got out from some magazine or a photoshoot. Although the photoshoots might be a case, most commonly, this is a way of how that certain individual regularly dresses and flaunt her fashion choices. That captivating style, that combines many different aspects of fashion is called a street-style look.

The street-style looks and outfits have become very popular over the last few years. The fashion critics and the experts even suggest that the street-style is what sets the fashion trends for the wider fashion audience and customers.

What truly and best depicts street-style fashion is the ability to flaunt the fashion, classic pieces, and fashion trends, alongside your personal touch and individuality that you carry. It is that chic and extraordinary looks that some of us might never think of styling and matching, but seeing how the others do it, is an inspiration, and eventually a new trend on the fashion scene.

If you are one of those women who want to achieve that fabulous street-style outfit and look sophisticated and fashionable, these fashion tips will most certainly help you out.

Pop of Color

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


The use of pop of color into the outfits has an incredible power to transform the look of one outfit. Colors always bring a different type of intensity and fashionability to some piece or an entire outfit and make it look more chic and stylish. The secret of the greatest street-style looks and outfits is adding that type of pop of color. The neutral and the basic colors of the clothes can be transformed into more stylish ones, just with a touch of color that can come in many different forms. Picking a hat, scarf, purse or shoes is more than enough to reinvent the entire look and deliver a successful and to-die-for street-style look and appearance.

Sophisticated Details

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


The elegance and sophistication of one look lie in the properly chosen details and accessories that can elevate and change the look of an outfit or at least of a certain fashion piece. The true fashionable vibe lies within the fabulous styling of the accessories and the clothes. A nice bag, that screams class and fashionability is one of the most common choices that can contribute to that sophisticated look. Also, carefully chosen jewelry pieces are another great way for a captivating and stylish street-style look.

Smart Layering

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


Layering is one of the fashion styles and techniques that delivers unique and different fashion outfits and looks. However, for the best look, you need to know how to properly layer your clothes. This is also called smart layering, and it includes choosing the right clothes, where each of them will be properly styled and will complement the other one, without putting anything to shade and deliver a fabulous look. One very cool look and example that perfectly present the technique of smart layering is wearing a button-up shirt and a crop top over it.

Statement Pieces

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


A statement piece is a piece that becomes the centerpiece of your entire outfit. It can be some fabulous top, shoes, skirt and even outerwear. The idea with the statement pieces is to serve as a front and center of the entire look, whereas the other fashion pieces will play and have a supporting role in the completion of the outfit. Examples of such statement pieces include satin kimonos, chic coats or capes that have additional details on them, or unique prints that make them more than stylish and enough.

Monochromatic Outfits

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


Just as the pop of color and use of color can create a unique street-style appearance, the monochromatic basics can also deliver fabulous looks. The minimalist and elegant vibe that the monochromatic outfits deliver is highly elegant and stylish, with a special accent on the excellent styling and the garments. The secret is the perfect monochromatic looks comes not only from the choice of color but also from the fabric, the texture of the fabric, and the fashion garments that are chosen for creating that monochromatic outfit.

Polished Neutrals

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


Just with the mentioning of the term neutrals, many women instantly think of boring styles and garments that will make them look incomplete and ordinary. However, the earth-toned neutrals and their careful coordination and styling can deliver excellent and stylish looks, even more, fabulous street-style outfits. Achieving that polished neutrals look can be done by mixing different neutral tones, for example, camel and tobacco, cream and mocha, and create a contrast that will deliver an over-the-top look.

Prints and Patterns

How to Achieve a Fabulous Street Style Outfit


Eye-catching and appealing fashion outfits can also be created with the choice and use of prints and patterns. Fashion is a big supporter of prints and patterns because they deliver unique finish and appearance to fashion garments. One of the biggest fashion trends and techniques that is highly valued among the fashionista is mixing and matching the patterns and prints. This can easily be achieved with a combination of a shirt and a skirt, with different patterns and similar colors. Very interesting are the outfits that combine similar or same pattern on two clothing pieces, but they come in different colors. Mixing and matching, when done carefully and stylishly, can deliver quite fabulous looks and are one of the suggestions for nailing the beset street-style look and outfit.

With these fashion tips, all those of you who are looking to upgrade your fashion style and look can try the new things and go for garments and approaches that will definitely reinvent the look that you have been flaunting so far. One important thing with the street-style look is to be confident and satisfied with the look that you are wearing because it will add that special personal note to the entire e outfit.

Xo - Angelica

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