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How to Dress for Your Body Type

by Angelica Lentoni
How to Dress for Your Body Type

Hello, beauties! Fashion and finding suitable fashion clothes go well hand in hand. As each woman has a different body type, size, and shape, there are different cuts and tailoring that flatter each different style, all with the purpose of delivering the most beautiful and appropriate look. When it comes to the body and the body shapes, the different looks and shapes require different types and ways of dressing. The curves and the flaws are not something to be hidden, however, they should be flaunted. That can easily be done with the choice of clothes that will bring a great look and boost confidence.

How to Dress for Your Body Type


To know how to dress properly and to look for the right type of clothes, first, you need to find out what your body shape is. To do that, you need to take into consideration the body measurements. The measurements that you should consider are the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. The relationship between these numbers will tell you the shape of your body and will easily help you out with the right clothes. And here is how to do that:


Take the tape and loosely wrap it around the very top of your shoulders, at their broadest point above the shoulder blades. The tape can easily slide off so, it is best to have an extra set of hands to help you with this and determine the right shoulder measurements.


The tape should be wrapped around the fullest parts of your bust. It should be held either not too tight, and not too loose, but just right so that it does not fall but tell you the real measures.


The waist measures a bit tricky. The natural waist is different from the place where the waistband of the pants usually hits.


Just like with the shoulders and the bust, the hips should be measured on the fullest point. The tape should come below the hip bones, around the hips, and the butt.

When you have determined your measures, then, the next comes to decipher what body type you have. Here is a quick guide that will easily help you with finding out your body shape and appropriate clothing choices that will deliver the best possible look and outfit!

How to Dress for Your Body Type


Straight Body Shape

The straight body shape is also known as a rectangle body shape. One of the keys factors for dressing this body shape type is to dress the top and the bottom proportionally while enhancing the waist. This comes because the straight body type displays a look of balanced and equal proportions of the shoulders and the hips. The type of clothes that best fit this body type includes ruffled tops, tops with necklines, tube-type dresses with a belt on the waist, dresses with a fitted waist, A-line skirts, and dresses, off-shoulder tops, long capes, blazers, palazzo trousers, boyfriend jeans, jackets that come to the hip bone.

The best styling tip involving this body type includes wearing colors of similar brightness on the upper and the lower body, with a darker color that will come as an accent on the waist.

Apple Body Shape

As the name suggests, the apple body shape resembles a look or an apple. This means that the top part looks heavier than the lower part. For women with this body shape, the main characteristics include broad shoulders, wider bust line, and thin legs. Proper dressing for this body shape means keeping the volume down on the top part of the body without additional accenting and flaunting the legs. Some clothing suggestions involve mini skirts, full dresses, flowy tops, wide-leg pants.

Besides, the fashion stylists suggest patterns like diagonal lines, cuts, patterns that visually divide the width of the body and create the illusion of a slimmer frame. The vertical lines are also welcome because they will downplay the width and visually elongate the figure.

Pear Body Shape

The pear-shaped body is also sometimes referred to as a spoon shape. Contrary to the apple body shape, the pear body shape gives definition and adds volume to the lower part of the body. It especially accents the butt and the thighs. When dressing for this body type, the accent should be put on the top part of the body. This can be done with brighter colors on the top, and darker on the bottom. The tops should include a boat neck or Bardot style neckline that will balance out with the hips. Accenting the pear silhouette and dressing for this body type includes clothes such as A-line skirts, dresses, wide-leg pants, pants with a high waist, shaping dresses, crop tops, puffy sleeves, short jackets, V-line tops, etc.

Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass is currently one of the most desired and popular body shapes. The women and girls today are effectively working out into achieving exactly this type of body. It has somehow become a trend, that is flaunted by celebrities and in general, it puts the accent on the curves.

The hourglass body shape has the characteristics of a proportionate top and bottom. There is a special accent on the tiny waist. It all comes down to flaunting and defining the curves. The types of clothes that accentuated these curves and this body type are shaping dresses, deep V plunge openings, bodycon dresses, high-waist jeans, wide-breasted tailored jackets, pencil skirts, peplum tops, etc.

How to Dress for Your Body Type


These are the basic clothing options and suggestions that will easily help you determine your body shape and what type of clothes to choose for your perfect outfits and style! However each body type, besides the defined body shape is different, and some of the suggested clothes might not work well. Whichever the case, the secret to the good look of any outfit is the proper tailoring, so if you stumble upon some piece that you absolutely adore and want, be sure to properly tailor it according to your body shape which will flatter your silhouette and provide nice outfit and look.

Xo - Angelica

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