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Power of Women's Pantsuit

by Angelica Lentoni
Power of Women's Pantsuit

Hello, beauties! For a very long time, the pantsuit has been a clothing option just for men. In the past, the men who were not working in a field or some physical job were dressed in pantsuits. It was a nice and polished way to present themselves as powerful, serious, and smart figures in society.

However, as the times changed, the perception evolved and the fashion industry developed, the pantsuit was not only exclusive to men only. Women started to see the power and the class it held, and they wanted to wear them too. Bored and satisfied with the skirts and the stockings, the pantsuit was a new, fresh and modern option for all those who were looking to add their mark in society.

The last decade has seen many different styles and looks of the woman's pantsuit. It became a regular and desired choice for all different kinds of occasions. Inspired by the celebrities, women started to wear the pantsuit to weddings, cocktails, business meetings, and all different kinds of events where the elegant dress code was required. Moreover, the popularity of the pantsuit grew so big, that it switched from a choice not only for the official events, to one for casual looks. Many fashion brands started to design women's pantsuit in colorful and lighter fabrics, making it an excellent fashion choice that could even be styled with sneakers.

With the changing events in fashion as well as the focus on political and social acceptance of women and equality, the woman's pantsuit became more than just a fashion outfit. It became a symbol of equality that put women on the same level and ladder as men, including all of their capabilities and presence in different areas of life and business. With so much focus and attention on the pantsuit, many fashion brands started to include it as a regular part of their collections. With the dose of the modern and current fashion trends, the market today is full of the most various and unique women's pantsuit, that can satisfy different tastes, needs, and styles.

So, if you are looking to add some pantsuits to your wardrobe collections, these are the most popular and common choices that will serve the purpose as well as make you look stylish, fashionable, and powerful.

Straight-Leg Pantsuit

Power of Women's Pantsuit


The straight-leg pantsuit is the most basic and popular type of leg that comes on the trousers of the pantsuit. The straight line of the leg delivers a fashionable, yet sleek and classic look that never goes out of style. This type of leg is inspired by the men's pantsuits, and it is a great choice for those looking to keep it toned-down but fashionable. The waist of the pants is regular, with pockets. The blazer here can come in different options. It can be a regular length, short, or a medium-length one. It can have one button or be without buttons. This a perfect option for all women who want to make a strong and powerful impression.

Narrow-Leg Pantsuit

Power of Women's Pantsuit


The narrow-leg pantsuit is a more feminine and softer version of the straight-leg trousers. Inspired by the female silhouette, this is the type of pants that women frequently choose. It is slim and tight, with a length reaching the ankles. The waist is regular, and the pants can be with or without pockets. The belt comes as a nice addition to the pants. As for the blazer, the regular length is what presents a smart and elegant look. It can be worn buttoned and unbuttoned, according to personal preference. Women particularly adore this type of pantsuit because it can be worn with different types of footwear: heels, flats, ankle boots, loafers.

Wide-Leg Pantsuit

Power of Women's Pantsuit


For those who are following fashion and fashion trends more closely, the wide-leg pantsuit is one of the trendiest choices that can be seen as part of the modern street style look. This is an outfit that perfectly describes and combines modernity, with minimalism and class. The wide-leg pantsuit is a fashionable and comfortable choice, that delivers a whole different vibe to the outfit. The length of the pant usually reaches the floor, hiding the footwear underneath and delivering an elongating effect to the silhouette. This type of a pant is best styled with an oversized blazer, with a medium length, that together delivers top-notch look.

Flared-Leg Pantsuit

The flared-leg pantsuit is one of the current trends. It brings back the 70s styles, where the flare leg could be seen everywhere. The new and fresh look of the flared-leg pantsuit keeps the tight and slim style of the leg. As it reaches the end, it opens up and the new look puts a slit on the flare, which can be both in the front or at the back. To maintain a 70s style look, the blazer comes with straight lines, a bit wide, and shorter than regular. With this pantsuit, the footwear will be visible, so it is best to go with some modern-day heels.

These are currently the most popular types of women's pantsuits that deliver an excellent blend of fashionability, style, and trendiness. Seeing a woman wearing a pantsuit instantly presents a different vibe and appearance. It is a fashion choice that can be worn throughout the entire year. It comes in many different fabrics, prints, colors, and motifs, suitable for all seasons and stylings.

Whether you are choosing the pantsuit as a work outfit, some classy and elegant event, or for a casual day or night out, you will never go wrong. It opens a lot of styling options, accessories, different footwear – anything that might add a personal touch to your unique fashion style and outfit. Wearing a pantsuit is making a powerful, strong, and bold presentation that fashion, brains, and equality can stand together.

Xo - Angelica

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