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Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance

by Angelica Lentoni
Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance

Hello, beauties! The silk scarf is a versatile piece that has become one of the most popular accessories. Both men and women enjoy wearing a scarf, but it has especially come accentuated with the changes in the fashion trends and the fashion industry. There is something special about the silk scarf, that creates the aura of a polished and elegant appearance. Throughout the entire fashion history, women have worn silk scarves. Today, the silk scarf is worn on the neck, on the hair, on the handles of the bags and it has become a synonym with classic timeless style.

As fashion changes, and takes a more sustainable fashion approach, silk is an excellent material that only adds to the popularity and the importance of the silk scarf. This gentle and feminine accessory has the power to elevate any outfit, and that is one of the reasons why many work uniforms include the silk scarf.

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


Fashion today offers so many different ways of styling the silk scarf which speaks of the importance of this fashion accessory. The high-end fashion brands offer an abundance of silk scarves in their collections, which come at a very high price considering the quality of the silk.

To better understand the stylistic influences that the silk scarves had through history and different times, here is a quick historic overview of how the silk scarf became the symbol of timeless elegance.

Ancient China

The oldest discovered silk goes back to 3630 BCE. According to history, it was produced in the Chinese Neolithic era. It was manufactured from the filaments of the silkworm’s cocoon and because of its delicacy, it became a highly desired material through the ancient world, which later resulted in an expansion of the transcontinental trade network known as the Silk Road. Back then, silk was produced for a variety of uses, including clothing, fans, decorations, and banners. The high-quality silk became a symbol of wealth and status.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt connects the silk scarves to Queen Nefertiti, around the time of 1300 BCE. Egyptians also wore silk scarves as a way to dignify their social status and even had fashion stylings – that would tie them around the waists and shoulders.

The Roman Empire

Just like the Chinese, the Romans wore especially styled silk scarves, known as focale, with the purpose of showing off their military rank. The silk scarves were used to protect them from the harsh sun and to wipe the sweat. Later, they grew more fashionable, and the emperors and the senators wore them around their necks.

Middle Ages

In the middle ages, the silk scarves experienced a new fashion turn, and their styling came on top of the hairdressers on the head. This was done by the wealthiest and most powerful women.

The 19th Century

The 19th century is an important time in fashion history, where many expensive fashion brands saw quite an expansion. This also reflected on the silk scarves, which became an immediate fashion staple. The silk scarf soon grew to be a high-end fashion piece.

The 20th Century

As the fashion trends changed, the silk scarf also experienced some changes. The fashion market so different variations and they were worn as bandanas, headbands, around the wrists, and bellbottom jeans.

The Silk Scarf Today

It is just now that the silk scarf is experiencing enormous popularity and dominance in the fashion industry. It is an interesting and delicate addition to one’s outfit. It is a choice that is quite present in the popular street style outfits and looks because it holds remarkable elegance and chicness. Many women choose to wear a silk scarf instead of jewelry, and that speaks of a highly fashion-aware person.

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


The fashionistas and the It-girls have brought the glory of the silk scarf back, with the new ways of styling it. All of the fashion retailers and the fashion houses are offering the most different types of silk scarves in their collections, each varying in size, prints, patterns, and colors. There is absolutely no question that the silk scarf has become a timeless piece that screams elegance, sophistication, and delivers a polished look.

If you are looking to add a touch of this timeless fashion style to your outfits, these are currently the trendiest ways of styling a silk scarf:

As a Head Ribbon

The Instagram feeds are quite full of different photos and images of girls, turned backward to the camera, with the silk scarf wrapped on their heads. This is a style that was popular back in the 70s and 80s, and since then, it was forgotten. Those who wore their hair pulled back in a silk scarf ribbon were considered retro and old school. However, today, the flowing sides of the silk scarf that creates a voluminous and eye-catching ribbon are a very fashionable and trendy way of modern styling.

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


On The Handles of Bags

One fashionable and stylish way of wearing the scarf as an accessory is to add it to the handles of your handbag or a burse. The small and colorful scarf wrapped to the side, or braided into the chain of the handle instantly gives the bag a new look. The silk scarf can be accompanied by some cure key chains that will make it look more trendy and fashionable.

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


As a Bralette, Knotted Top

Inspired by the celebrities, the knotted silk scarf that resembles the look of a top is one of the latest trends that has made quite a boom on the fashion scene and re-introduced the silk scarf into a new and fresh vibe. Whether the scarf will resemble the look or a bralette, or it will look like a top, it is an excellent summer choice that holds a tone of hippie and boho style.

Whether you want to be trendy, or elegant, the silk scarf serves both purposes and much more.

Xo - Angelica

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