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Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own

by Angelica Lentoni
Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own

Hello, beauties! Fashion is an industry that is always changing, always introducing something new. Each season and every year brings a lot of novelties and new trends that are suggested as the picks from the fashion minds as the things that will be most fashionable and trendy during that time. Although the trends might be constantly changing, and new things might appear, there are certain styles, garments, and accessories that never go out of style. That means that they are timeless pieces that conquer all the constantly changing trends, and have been established as strong and dominant in the fashion sky.

Women's fashion is very diverse and colorful. There are so many different fashion garments that can be styled and mixed in different fashion styles that deliver extraordinary looks, and there are those that look good and stylish in many different styles and occasions and are considered must-have pieces that every woman should own.

With that being said, for a classic and stylish look, these are the top 6 fashion pieces that every woman should own and that are worth the investment.

1. Black Leather Jacket

Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own


As a fabric, leather is always trendy and stylish. Although lately the real leather has been changed with different, more sustainable, and eco-friendly versions, the options are still stylish and very popular. From all the different leather fashion garments that are available on the market and in the female fashion department, the leather jacket has remained a number 1 fashion piece that is a must-have for any woman. The popularity of the leather jacket dates back to the 70s and 80s motorbike styles that have made it a piece that every woman wanted to wear. Since then, as the styles have changed and evolved, the style and the cut of the leather jacket has also changed. However, the classic look is something that will remain a forever favorite and especially the black color choice. So, no matter what your fashion style is, the black leather jacket is a piece that is a must-have in your wardrobe.

2. Beige Trench Coat

Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own


Just like the black leather jacket, there is another very fashionable and stylish piece of outwear that every woman should own. That is the classic trench coat. The history of the trench coat is very well known. Starting as a uniform for the English soldiers, the durability and the warmth that the coat provided was instantly seen as a piece that will excellently function in modern fashion too. Soon, it was introduced in a female version, and since then, it has become an irreplaceable fashion garment that is great and suitable for the colder days. The most stylish color choice is beige since it delivers a soft, chic, and elegant look.

3. Straight-Leg Jeans

Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own


Denim is a fabric that has found many uses and popularity in the fashion industry. If one thing is for sure, it is that women adore denim. Especially all the different kinds of jeans that are available on the fashion market. The jeans trends also change, but the one type that remains an all-time favorite and fashionable is the straight-leg jeans. Also inspired by the 80s and 90s fashion, the straight-leg denim jeans are a piece that easily and greatly styles with all different kinds of tops and footwear. The straight leg never goes out of style, and this is another piece that every woman, no matter the age, should own in her closet.

4. Little Black Dress

Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own


What is there more to say to the LBD than that it is another piece on the list of must-haves? The elegance, sophistication, and fashionability that the LBD holds and carries are incomparable to any other type of dress. Fashionable and stylish, the LBD is a garment that works for so many different fashion styles, events, and occasions, and delivers a top-notch look.

5. White T-Shirt/Shirt

Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own


As cliché as it sounds, the white T-shirt or shirt is another fashion garment that has unbeatable popularity in every fashion style. The white short-sleeved T-shirt or a white long-sleeved shirt are pieces that carry timeless fashionability. Each of them has become a signature fashion mark in the fashion industry, making them garments that are worth having in more than one piece. The white T-shirt delivers a clean and fresh look, in the relaxed, casual, and sporty style. It excellently styles with shorts, jeans, skirts. The white shirt, on the other hand, is an elegant and stylish piece that is connected to the business style and look. Also, it is one of the most commonly used pieces when styling with jeans so, its presence on the fashion market will never cease to exist.

6. Pointy Toe Black Stilettos

Top 6 Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own


A woman is never fully dressed without a nice pair of shoes. Although the sneakers might be the irreplaceable and desired footwear, the black pointy-toe stilettos are the shoes that carry elegance, style, and sophistication. A nice pair of black stilettos can go a long way. This type of shoe has the power to transform every look and add a tone and dose of fashionability and seriousness. The thin and high heel is very sexy and stylish, and it gives a wonderful line to the female silhouette. The black stiletto can be styled in many different fashion styles and outfits, making it a piece worth the investment.

These 6 fashion pieces are ranking high on the fashion ladder as a must-have piece for every woman. This status remains unchanged despite the changing trends over the year. Their model, cut, style, and presence on the fashion market is something that women adore. Easy to pair, style, mix, and match, these are the pieces that will never go out of style, and wearing them will always make you look fashionable and stylish.

Xo - Angelica

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