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Women's Latest Streetwear Trends and Styles

by Angelica Lentoni
Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance

Hello, beauties! There is always something new and interesting when it comes to fashion and trends. Each season brings novelties that will dominate that season. However, lately, one special fashion style has emerged and gained so much popularity that has put all the others to shade – the streetwear style. Although this is not a completely and entirely new style, it has become more noticeable and common over the last two years. And for that, we have to thank the socialites, celebrities, famous persons and of course, social media.

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


Women’s streetwear fashion and street style have grown to a special and much-desired part of the fashion industry. All of the accompanying details and additions that come with this special fashion direction such as the styles, the trends, and the looks, are greatly and most inspired by the social changes. These social changes are most truly delivered and represented through street style fashion.

As a highly dominant part of the fashion industry, the fashion experts have classified streetwear as a trendsetter and the future pointer of what comes next in this department. With so many changes and influences from different departments, the streetwear styles are under the influence of the conscious movement and revolution and the socio-political, climate, and environmental influences. Be as it is, this is a style that is constantly growing, changing, improving, and adapting, and this year, it brings a whole new set and selection of trends that will dominate this particular department.

For those of you who are inspired by the street style, here is what is the latest and most fashionable considering the street style trends:

Oversized Garments

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


The trend of the oversized style became popular a few years, back, and its popularity just became bigger in 2020. The oversized garments rose to the point that they blended the fashionability with the comfortability, delivering a new take on the fashion silhouette. The masculine cut on the tops and the comfy bottoms became the most significant details of the oversized trend. As it changed and it evolved, the oversized garments became fitted to the female's silhouette, with many feminine details, colors, making the pieces more fashionable and stylish than ever. The unexpected mixture of the comfortable, sporty, and fashionable, became available in the form of oversized garments that are very popular and demanded among the fashionistas. Again, with a high accent and focus on comfortability and coziness, the oversized trend will continue to be strong and dominant this year too.

Bold Sneakers

Footwear has always been a big part of streetwear fashion. As part of the accessories department, footwear is an important addition to creating and finish the overall look of the person. In those terms, it is a very important detail for street style fashion. Of course, it changes with the other fashion trends, and this season, the footwear streetwear trends deliver something new. When it comes to the trends concerning the streetwear style, the trend of "ugly sneakers" was present and dominant for a very long time. Now, the trends have shifted onto the bold sneakers that come in the most varied colors and styles, and they are a perfect match to the oversized streetwear style.

Monochromatic Beiges

Beige is one of the most neutral and common fashion choices, that never fails to provide stylish and fashionable looks. Many fashion experts consider beige to be more than a color. It is a style that is worth exploring and that is why beige is becoming more and more prevalent in women's streetwear outfits. The most eye-catching and stylish beige look comes from monochromatic clothing choices, that put all the different beige colors right on display, without creating a boring look.


The novelties and the new entries on the fashion scene are always welcome and interesting for the fashionistas who are rushing out to try out the latest. One new and fresh entry that comes on the women’s streetwear style is techwear. Supported and inspired by the celebrities that are constantly experimenting with their fashion styles and looks, the techwear’s popularity is currently so big so that it might become the next most status-conferring style. When it comes to the techwear, it is important to pay attention to not overdoing the style. This can easily be done by wearing flashy head-to-toe techwear. The basis of the techwear is to deliver relaxed and fashionable style, just as the street style in its core meaning.

The Casual and Classic Mix

Silk Scarf - The Symbol of Timeless Elegance


Mixing and matching are always interesting, especially with so many varieties that the fashion industry presents for creative minds. The street style is always suggesting thinking outside of the box, with the incorporation of the most colorful and interesting prints and patterns that create fabulous outfits. However, the new streetwear trends put an accent on the mixing of the casual and the classic mix. One of the best ways of properly dressing into a streetwear-inspired look is to blend and mix the classic fashion pieces with the casual. This can easily be done by choosing garments that are actually different, but style great together and work great in the overall outfit. Another important thing that adds to this mix is the layering. And not just any kind of layering, but the layering of different brands that can add to the uniqueness of this look.

The streetwear scene is constantly changing and upgrading and new trends will continue to appear. However, these are the current trends and styles that will easily help you nail and achieve the best streetwear style and look.

Xo - Angelica

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Angelica Lentoni

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