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Bring Out Your Inner Goddess – Welcome To DEA STILOSA!

DEA STILOSA orStylish Goddess in Italian is here to bring haute couture back to its everyday roots and redefine the way you dress, accessorize, and feel. 

Fueled By Passion For Fashion

Born in the heart of today's high fashion industry, Italy,DEA STILOSAis here to become your quintessential women's fashion brand and offer you a refreshing, affordable, yet magnificently unique alternative to all those fast-fashion brands or ultra-expensive designer brands that cost a small fortune. 

Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Unlike fast fashion brands that seem to flood the market with an endless stream of cheaply-made clothes, fad-driven one-season wonders, clothes made from highly-synthetic materials that are ruined after a few washing cycles, clothes with inaccurate and inconsistent sizing, and poor customer service,DEA STILOSAis the alternative.

TheStylish Goddess brings out a different side in you. 

The side that makes you smile every time you see your reflection in the mirror. 

The Difference Maker

Keeping up with fashion trends and finding cute tops, bottoms, or accessories is not easy. In the desert of fast-fashion, synthetic, Made in China products,DEA STILOSAis the refreshing oasis ofNON-SYNTHETIC,BREATHABLEandDURABLEfashion for women.

Created for women who do not like settling for anything less than perfection,DEA STILOSAis here to offer you a timeless haute couture experience without the haute couture price tag.

Made In Italy with LOVE

Every product we sell is 100% sourced and manufactured EXCLUSIVELY in Italy.

A talented European fashion designer with years of experience in womenswear oversees the creative process from the garment selection, design concept to technical package, and our in-house production team in Italy ensures that your DEA STILOSA  is manufactured to meet your high expectations.

Every DEA STILOSA you wear will capture our passion, vision, and eye for timeless fashion. 

GLOW, Radiate and Exude Confidence. NOW is Your Moment to Shine.

DEA STILOSA is more than an affordable high-fashion brand.

It's a way of life that aims to help you feel beautiful, sexy, and chic. From career-focused businesswomen to busy moms and any woman in between, DEA STILOSA is here to help you rediscover and showcase your LOVEPASSION, and FASHION.  

Our motto LA DEA CHE OSA means THE GODDESS WHO DARES in Italian. This embodies the mindset and lifestyle of any woman who chooses DEA STILOSA.

Her confidence, her passion, her feminine side, her timeless elegance, her boldness, everything she is and wants to be is aurified by DEA STILOSA.

Representing the buzzing streets of Milan, the cobblestone streets of Rome or the Amalfi Coast's sunny beaches, DEA STILOSA is the new way of Italian fashion. DEA STILOSA is YOU.

Xo - Angelica

Angelica Lentoni

My name is Angelica and I'm the co-founder of DEA STILOSA. Raised in the epicenter of modern fashion, Milan, Italy, I have been infused with the passion for fashion from an early age. Now, I have decided to make Italian high-fashion available to every modern woman who wants to glow, radiate, and exude confidence. Every woman who wants to radiate femininity and timeless elegance.

Join me and let's become a stylish goddess together in this majestic journey.

THE GODDESS WHO DARES or as we say in Italian... LA DEA CHE OSA!

Xo - Angelica

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